Over the last decade, I’ve had the privilege to work on the issues and legislation that matters most to Santa Rosa. I’ve fought to protect our parks and open spaces, helped pass legislation to keep seniors in their homes, and worked with small businesses to create good, local jobs.

But like many, I struggle to live in this community. Between rising rents, crushing student loan debt, and a high cost of living, our young families and small businesses are being priced out of our neighborhoods. Basic infrastructure needs are going unmet and too many of us have no effective voice at City Hall.

I want Santa Rosa to be a place where planning for our future means investing in public transit and nearby housing that’s affordable for everyone. Where having a great idea means you can start a small business and build a life for your family. And where everyone is working together to meet our most pressing challenges.

Santa Rosa is facing serious change. Between the reunification of Courthouse Square, the annexation of Roseland, and the development of adequate housing, we need leaders with a proven ability to build coalitions and ensure that everyone’s voice is heard.  

After a decade in the trenches solving problems for this city, I’ve seen places where we’re just stuck. But I’ve overcome partisanship to address deficiencies in our mental health system, pass sensible pension reforms, and reinvest in our career technical education programs. On the Community Advisory Board, I’ve fought to ensure that everyone has a voice in the decisions made by City Hall.

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to talk to my neighbors about how to move our city forward. Together, we can build a more livable Santa Rosa.