Shifting into high gear!



Far too often, candidates focus solely on raising money and flood your mailbox with impersonal flyers telling you what issues you should care about. That’s not really our style. As we’ve said since day one, we are doing things a bit different: we have been focused on having a dialogue and making sure every voice in Santa Rosa is heard.

But as you know, there is a lot of ground to cover and we are rapidly approaching November. Here are six easy ways you can help our campaign as we kick it into high gear:

Will you join us for our campaign kickoff on August 4th? You can RSVP by email or on Facebook


Our grassroots campaign is pounding the pavement and talking to voters at their doors every single weekend. We are rapidly approaching 5,000 door knocks, but we can’t do it alone: click here to sign up to join our team in the weeks ahead!


Sign up to host a neighborhood coffee! We spend a lot of time talking about broad city issues. But, we know that each neighborhood has its own specific concerns as well. These coffees are focused on neighborhood-specific issues.


Sign up to be a precinct captain! Duties include: helping to organize ONE neighborhood walk and ONE community coffee in your precinct- and helping prepare for GOTV.


Live in Santa Rosa? Take our community survey (and pass it on to your friends!) It helps us to better understand what challenges are most pressing to you!

Like our Facebook page and share with your friends! Keep up to date on what our volunteers are working on as we head to November.
I can’t tell you enough how appreciative I am for all the help this campaign has received thus far. We are working hard, but we know we can’t do this without you. Thank you.

Warmest regards,


Chris Rogers

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