Chris is a Santa Rosa native who has dedicated his life to our incredible community. Public service is personal to Chris, having been raised in a family that fights for our most vulnerable populations.

He has previously served as Senior staff for multiple California legislators who have represented Santa Rosa residents in the state Capitol­ – most recently as Senator Mike McGuire’s Senior District Representative. In his career, Chris has worked on issues and legislation that matters most to our city. He has fought to protect our parks and open space, helped to pass legislation to keep seniors in their homes, and worked with small businesses to create good, local jobs.

A specialist in local government and community engagement, Chris understands that our city is strongest when everyone has a voice. The problems we face are not partisan, and neither should be our solutions. He’s worked across the aisle in the legislature and pushed aside arbitrary roadblocks to help address deficiencies in our mental health services, pass sensible pension reforms, and reinvest in our state’s disappearing career technical education programs.

Chris has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from UC Santa Barbara and a Masters in Public Administration from Sonoma State University. Today, Chris works as the Policy Manager for a local green energy company in Santa Rosa, working to make environmental sustainability accessible to everyone while creating good local jobs.

Chris has led efforts to give our community a greater role in the decisions made by City Hall

Chris serves on the Community Advisory Board (CAB), where he has been focused on increasing civic participation and fought to ensure that everyone has a voice in the decisions made by City Hall. As the Chair of the Capital Improvement subcommittee, he’s increased community outreach efforts and is giving the public greater input in how to City uses its limited infrastructure dollars. He’s led the charge to implement Participatory Budgeting, which will give our neighborhoods a role in determining how a portion of our budget is spent.

Chris has been on the front line fighting to increase the quality of life for all Santa Rosa residents

As a CAB representative, Chris has worked with the City to increase bicycle and pedestrian safety, and is currently helping to establish neighborhood gardens in low-income neighborhoods where children have less access to food. Chris has also served as a legislative representative to the Violence Prevention partnership (formerly known as the Mayor’s Gang Prevention Taskforce), working with members of the community to address Santa Rosa’s public safety issues. As a member of the Sonoma County Area Agency on Aging, Chris has had a particular interest in working collaboratively with the County of Sonoma and local non­profits to assist elderly residents to age gracefully in place.

Chris has been active and engaged in our community’s biggest and most contentious issues

Far too often, our elected leaders are hesitant to be involved in difficult issues­ – even those that will have a huge impact on our local community. Not Chris. He has spent his career working on complex community problems and is uniquely equipped to move our city forward. He is a member of the Roseland Area Project Steering Committee, where he has helped serve as a conduit between Roseland neighbors and City Hall during the annexation process. He has been a legislative representative to the Upper Russian River Water Managers, where he has seen the devastating effects of our state’s drought first hand and has worked with other counties to implement achievable solutions.

Chris has been a Champion for our underserved communities

Chris has also helped build partnerships to address Northern California’s homeless issues. He participated in the Sonoma County Taskforce on the Homeless, and helped coordinate a multi­county conversation to discuss a regional approach to our homelessness crisis. He has also been a leader when it comes to advocating for the residents of the Sonoma Developmental Center­ holding the Department of Developmental Service’s feet to the fire and ensure that as SDC works its way through the closure process, no residents fall through the crack and end up on the streets or in our jails and hospitals.

Chris is working to create a more livable and affordable Santa Rosa